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Uwell Whirl T1 Pod

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Whirl T1 Replacement Pods by Uwell are refillable and hold 3mL of e-liquid. Although very simple to use are packed with awesome features such as:

    • adjustable airflow via a small, red switch you’ll see when the pod is out of the mod
    • child-proof filling port – simply press your needle-nose vape juice bottle into the valve at the bottom of the pod and squeeze till full
    • superb flavour from the mesh coils that have Uwell’s Pro-Focs Flavour Testing Technology
    • slim drip tip fixed on to the Whirl T1 pod for satisfyingly tight vapour draws
    • mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, where you draw vapour to your mouth and hold before inhaling to the lungs
    • disposable pods for easy swapping out to a new pod. No need to worry about changing coils
    • three wattage settings of 14, 15 or 16W. Depending on which corner of the pod is facing the front of the Whirl T1 Device, you’ll get one of three wattage settings:
      • 14W – corner 1 (where fill port is)
      • 15W – corner II (2)
      • 16W – corner III (3).
      • If the roman numeral numbered corners are difficult to see, the Whirl T1 Pod Mod screen will help you by flashing the corresponding number of arrows to the corner number you have selected.
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