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Loyalty & Benefits

Loyalty Program

Get 3% of your purchase back to you!

We truly appreciate our customers, and we think that loyalty should be rewarded.  Every time you spend any money at our store, you get a portion of that back onto your account to show our appreciation for your business.  Now everytime you spend you'll earn 3% of that purchase back!

​Ex. If you spend $100, you'll gain $3 on your account.

​When can you use that money? Any time! What can you spend it on? Anything!  If you have a balance of $10 on your account and only want to use $5 towards a sale: no problem! Think of it as your personal vape piggy bank. 

Referral Program

Help us and we'll help you with a free bottle of juice!

Think of someone you know that smokes.  Perhaps a loved one comes to mind?  Perhaps a close friend that can’t seem to kick the habit?  Bring them in!  We’re passionate about helping people quit smoking, it’s what we do! And if you refer anyone to our store, we give you a free VMC Blends 60ml ($30 value).  Ask the person you referred to mention your name when they make an account for the first time.  If your name comes up, we look you up in our system and add a note on your account.  All that’s left to do is come by and cash in!

Conditional Discounts

Are you eligible for discounts on all sales?

Want 15% off every sale?  Ha!  Don’t we all.  But in all seriousness, you very well may qualify.  If you’re a part of any of the following groups…


  • Military

  • Corydon MTS Employees

​…then you’re eligible for 15% off on all sales!  All you need to do is provide proof to us and we’ll leave a note on your account.  Simple as that!  Note: This discount does not stack with other percentage discounts from promotions.

Warranty Policy

We take returns for defective products within 30 days of purchase.

For all hardware purchases, we offer a 30-day warranty.  If there is a manufacturing error (e.g. dim screen, sticky button, etc.), we’ll take it back and give you store credit as long as the problem can be replicated for our staff.  As much as we’d like to take everyone at their word, it’s necessary that we can see the product malfunctioning.  So if your vape is acting up, the best thing you can do is take a video that clearly shows the problem just to be safe.  Our warranty policy does not cover vapes with visible signs of misuse and does not cover problems that arise from user error.  However, if you’re having issues with your vape and it’s past 30 days of purchase, still come by!  Be sure to keep the packaging!  Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we’ll work with you until we find something that works for you.

We do not accept returns on disposables unless tried in store and the device is dead on arrival.

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