Did you know.. We're the first vape shop on Corydon?

We've been located on Corydon since 2014, since then we've met many of you and built friendships, shared stories.. most of all we've sold you are beloved house blends! We've felt welcomed by the community all these years and continue to do what we do best, treat you like our family. When you visit The Vapour Mill we will help assist you in with all your vape needs. We don't carry something you're looking for? Maybe we can bring it in for you! Can't decide on a E-Liquid? We got you covered! With over more than 100 flavours to choose from, we'd find something! We believe in the customers experience and helping you find what's right for you. We're always looking forward to seeing or even meeting the new faces! Come stop in today!

House Blend E-Liquid

A labour of love. VMC Blends is our handcrafted e-juice. We spend months meticulously perfecting the tastiest flavours we can offer. We have a wide variety with 7 flavour lines to choose from!